Vessel Information
Vessel Name: Elementary 3000
Type: 1ATM
Local Registration ID:
Status: Under Construction
Primary Use: Recreational
Transport: Private Trailer
Location (City): Windermere
Location (State/Province): BC
Location (Country): Canada
Designer: Hank Pronk
Builder: Hank Pronk
Owner: Hank Pronk
Model: Home Built
Manufacturer: Hank Pronk
Year Manufactured: 2016
Certifying Authority:
CA Registration:
Vessel Specifications
Overall Length: 8.8 Feet
Overall Width: 82 Inches
Pressure Hull Length: 50 Inches
Pressure Hull Diameter: 50 Inches
Cabin Volume:
Dry Weight:
Design Depth:
Rated Depth:
Operating Depth: 3000 Feet
Seating Capacity: 1
Ballast System
Primary Buoyancy: Syntactic Foam
Primary Buoyancy Volume:
Secondary Buoyancy: Compressed Air
Secondary Buoyancy Volume:
Variable Ballast Volume:
Compressed Air Onboard:
Propulsion System
Surface Propulsion: Other
Submerged Propulsion: Electric
Propulsion Housing: Oil Compensated
Propulsion Config: Fixed Motors
Propulsion Units: 4
Propulsion Unit Voltage: 12
Electrical System
Cabin Voltage: 12
Primary Battery Bank Voltage: 12
Secondary Battery Bank Voltage:
Battery Location: Inside Cabin
Battery Unit Voltage: 6
Battery Unit Type: Lead Acid (AGM)
Total Batteries Onboard: 4
Average Duration (Hours):
Life Support
CO2 Absorbent Type: Soda Lime
CO2 Absorbent Onboard:
CO2 Sensor: Yes
Oxygen Capacity: 45 Cubic Feet
Primary Oxygen Flow: Manual
Secondary Oxygen Flow: Manual
O2 Sensor: Yes
Barometer: Yes
Water Pressure: Analog PSI
Max. Value:
Cabin Pressure: Analog PSI
Max. Value:
Water Temperature:
Cabin Temperature: Fahrenheit
Compass or Gyro: Yes
Obstacle Avoidance System:
Seabed Ranging: Yes
Heel/Trim Indicator:
Safety Systems
Pre-Dive Checklist: Yes
Operating Manual:
Emergency Manual:
Rescue Manual:
Emergency Drop Weight: 100 Pounds
Hatch Position Alarm:
Int/Ext Hatch Operation: Yes
Cabin Pressure Equalization: Yes
Onboard SCUBA:
Releasable Buoy:
Underwater Beacon (37.5 Khz):
Strobe Light:
Surface Radio:
UW Comms:

Comments / Notes
Elementary 3000 is test pool dive ready. I expect to make buoyancy adjustments once tested in the pool.

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